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DIY Sweater Dress

Class never goes out of style

Hey Loves,

I want to invite you to my official Birthday Collection count down. It started last year, when my daughter talked me into creating a mini collection for my birthday. The count down is a Collection of garments that I wanted or needed to add to my closet. So, every day I post a picture of the outfit of the day on Instagram and Facebook.

And now I will share on the blog every couple of days. I get to be my own runway model for the first two weeks of November. Got to Love the kids!!! I will also post a recap of last year garments by the end of the weekend.

Now to the garment of the day...........

This is a mini Turtleneck dress. I used sweater knit fabric that my daughter and I ran across at our local Walmart. I used simplicity 8738 to help create this dress. The pattern is for a oversized sweater and mini dress. So if you want a more fitted look you will have to go down in pattern size. I couldn't locate my wide brown belt so I improvised with a tan and cream scarf as my belt. My boots are from Jcpenney a couple seasons ago and are very comfortable. The ways this weather is acting. I will get great wear out of this dress. Until next time take care!!!

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