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DIY Birthday Designs

Turning 15 is always easy...........


Happy Friday loves!!! It has been a busy week with my youngest daughter Niq turning 15 yesterday. With work and making plans for her birthday and the weekend, I'm tired. On top of my busy schedule she made a request for me to make her a one piece jumpsuit for her Birthday. I love one piece garments for they take the work out of getting dressed some mornings. It also didn't take long to create the look. For her look I used Kiwk Sew pattern 3052. It was basically one pattern piece cut out two pieces of fabric. The only changes that I made was to shorten the jumper for she wanted it knee length. The garment looks just like it does on the pattern envelope minus the change of length. I plan to make the full length version for myself this fall. Stay tuned!!!

Fabric was purchased last year at Fine Fabric. Jacket and shoes were a gift. She is off to be great!!!

Until next time enjoy your weekend!!!!!!!


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