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DIY Dress Worth a Thousand Words

Homecoming Dress

Hey Loves,

Hope your week was a great one and filled with lots of love, joy, peace and happiness!!!!!!!

This week I have been working on a homecoming dress for my daughter. This is her first year going and the theme for this year is Carnival. We got our inspiration from the costumes that the young lady's perform in at the circus. I got to work once all supplies were obtained. I got to work with fringe for the very first time. Oh my God!!! It gave me a small run for my money. It would move even though I had it pinned down. I had to use my seam ripper at least two times. However, I made it. For this lovely dress I used Vogue 1532 as a base pattern for this dress. The Black Ponte knit fabric and the fringe came from Hobby lobby. I shortened the dress by 4 inches. I also did not use the underlining and lining that the pattern called for. It would have made the dress too heavy. I did however, clean up my inside seams with my serger. And I also used gross grain ribbon for straps instead of the fabric straps the pattern called for. My daughter loved her dress.

Until next time Enjoy Your Day!

Black Fringe Homecoming Dress

Black Fringe Homecoming Dress

Black Fringe Homecoming Dress

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