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Hi!!! I'm Arrie, and Welcome to my very first blog post. I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully get to make some new friends through this blog. I'm a mom, daughter, sister, and friend. However, I would be nothing without God. I'm also an educator, seamstress, designer, and lover of all things creative. I enjoy traveling and reading. Oh!!! I Love Shoes!!! LOL!!! When I first started designing garments I always designed the garment from a shoe I own and had nothing to wear with or a shoe I seen and planned on purchasing. I started sewing in 2012. I was looking for casual dress clothes for my daughters and couldn't locate in the store what I really was picturing in my mind. So I bought my first sewing machine from Walmart that December and have been sewing ever since. And now I have a son and things got real....... Talk about limited colors for boys. I understand that he will not be in purple but what about yellow and green. Why is everything mostly dark colors. Who wants to be in dark colors year round??? So now I'm brainstorming to come up with creative ways to keep him stylish in more than black and blue colors. And Yes I will share pictures.

Now that, that is out of the way lets talk about why I started this blog??? I started this lifestyle / diy sewing blog so that I can share my ideas about life and my family's adventures. I also want to share my love of sewing, designing and everything creative. I promise to keep it fun, educational and creative. So, please stick around and lets chat!!!

I would love to chat with you and get your feed back on ideas and designs in my blog post so please leave comments and share your ideas as well. Let's start a dialogue. They may help someone who needs a question answered and had not got around to asking just yet.

So please come again. I would really love to hear from you!!!

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