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The Detours of Life

Let me start this post with a proper greeting......... Happy New Year and I hope that each one of you are having a great start in 2019!!!

It has been two months since I have posted and I'm truly sorry for the lack of attention I have shown my blog.

Sometimes life takes a detour and plans don't go as planned. My family has experienced loss, my uncle in December and just recently my cousin over the weekend. Friends close to me have gained extended family and have also experienced loss themselves. God be the glory for keeping each of us during our different experiences. I want to remind each one of you to cherish close friends and family for tomorrow or the next hour is not promised to us. So love much and enjoy life, don't let small things that will not matter two seconds from now keep you from building the greatest bonds with family and friends this second.

However, I have managed to plan out the first half of my sewing calendar for 2019. Starting with the dress I made for me and my God daughter to wear to her dedication this past Sunday. So put on your seat belts and watch God unfold this Year's plans. I promise I'll talk to you soon!!! Enjoy your Monday!!!

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