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!!!Welcome to DesignedByArrie!!!

I'm Arrie and I started designing when I was in high school. I loved looks that were different from what everyone else was wearing. I started personally sewing in 2012 for I wanted to see my designs come to life. Along with being able to create unique garment for my kids. Therefore, I bought my first sewing machine that year and have not looked back. Sewing is awesome!!! I love the entire creative process from start to finish. It’s great!!!

I believe that there are so many ways that we can help one another and my prayer is that by me sharing my journey with sewing and life in general through my blog. I can help someone take that leap of Faith, find and embrace their creative side while riding the wave this journey will bring.That is why when God granted me the opportunity to co-teach kids how to sew. I jumped at the chance have not looked back.

Please take a look around and have an AMAZING DAY!!!

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