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DIY Blanket in 30 Minutes

Hey loves, today's post is about creating a nap time blanket in 30 minutes. I had to create a blanket for my son to take to school for nap time. Actually I could have bought one however, where is the fun in that! Plus it can be kept as a keepsake when he is older. So let me tell you how I created it. It was very simple and quick to make. Also the supply list is short and simple.


3 yards of Anti-Pill Fleece

2 packs of Satin Blanket Binding

2 spools of Thread

1. Always wash and dry your fabric before starting a project. This is a very important step because depending on the fabric, it may shrink and you don't want to end up with a project that is unusable because it's to small.

2. Lay your fabric out and cut two 1.5 yards pieces. (I actually bought one of my pieces pre-cut. I went back to get another pre-cut piece so the blanket will be double sided). Now this blanket can be made with two different prints as well. Just get 1.5 yards of each print that you want to use. I used the same print for my son wanted the baby elephants.

3. Place your blanket pieces together with wrong sides of the fabric facing each other. Now sandwich each side of the blanket with the binding and stitch close to the end of the binding to secure the binding to the blanket.

Now when you get to the end of each side of the blanket I cut the binding, and then folded my ends in so I would not have any raw edges showing when I started the new row.

Or if you have a serger you can serge the ends of the binding. I just wanted a different look for mine.

Once you finish the stitching the binding on you are officially done.

However, I add my sons name on his blanket with my embroidery Machine. Then I was done. Ha ha ha!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please share your comments, ideas and/or questions

with me. I would love to hear from you. Until next time. Enjoy your Day!!!

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