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Duster & Shorts

First I want to say Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone is in good spirits. Let's talk about these two garment pieces. I gave a sneak peek of this lovely broade fabric from Minerva a while ago on my Instagram page and I still love this fabric. It does not wrinkle. One piece of advice to new sewers is to enforce the ends of fabric before washing for it will fray a little. The print is so beautiful with it's blush pink background and red flowers with gold stems. It sewed up like a dream. I used new look 6514 view A to create the duster, McCall's 8221 view B for the shorts. And the famous Ogden Cami pattern by Truebias for the blouse.

To achieve this look for the duster I completely lined the entire duster with a solid soft blush pink satin fabric from my fabric stash. For Brocade can be a little scratchy against my skin. I did not hem the duster. I used my serger to finish the hem and left it exposed. I liked the look it created by doing this.

When I created the shorts I knew I wanted them completely lined as well so they are. And guess what? The shorts have pockets and I love me some pockets. I made the outer layer with the Brocade fabric from Minerva just as the instructions called for. With the lining I left off the pockets. And considering I need to maintain some length to wear to social events and church I left the serged hem exposed like I did with the duster. This is one of the most beautiful sets I have made during the fall of 2021and because the winter weather is in the 70's with a slight breeze at night. I'm rotating this set by stepping Into the new year beautifully and wonderfully handmade!!!

Here is a link for the Odgen Cami pattern I used for the top:

Here is a direct link for the Brocade fabric:

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